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Objection. Anyone who knows how the court system works knows this word and knows what it means. A lawyer has an issue with something, and a judge will either sustain the objection or overrule it. And when it comes to network marketing, objections are a part of everyday selling. But it’s objections we’re talking about here, not rejections.

Objections are part of every sales process. To be successful in network marketing, it’s essential to learn the purpose of objections and implement an effective process to manage them. This is very important for any salesperson to remember because many times you gotta keep shooting before you hit the right target.

What Objection Means

Here’s what to keep in mind with the term objection. “Objections are a sign of interest and an invitation to continue the discussion.” Vans also learned a fascinating fact from the research: “Successful sellers actually pause longer after objections than they do during ‘normal’ parts of the sales conversation. They are calmer in the face of adversity.”

Easier said than done of course, and it takes a lot of work, practice, and experience to get there. By contrast, the average-performing peers in the sales game can get “riled up,” during objections, and the length of time they pause plummets after getting an objection. They practically interrupt their customer while answering the objection. They’re so eager to ‘rebuttal’ that they pounce on the customer.

Even if you don’t know much about the sales game, you know this is

definitely a bad move that’s not going to get you the results you want. Many times trying to sell something to someone is like playing cards. Feel the room, go with your gut, don’t overplay your hand, and know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em.

Convincing People to Join The Team

When you’re recruiting people to join your direct marketing sales team, many times you’ll hear back, “I am not a salesperson.” I recommend you tell people that “this business is about connections and helping others by servicing their needs, not selling them.” There is ongoing training available, it’s not rocket science to learn the business, and “What I’ve found is the partners who felt the same way you do enjoy how simple and fun it really is.”

Another thing you’re certain to hear is, “I could never do what you do.” This is when you need to say, “I know how you are feeling; that’s how most people think,” and again, there are plenty of people that will help train you and be there. “Knowing we will have you prepared and fully trained to be successful, are there any additional concerns or fears that would hold you back?”

This goes for the seller as well. Rejection is tough to deal with on a continued basis, but remember, we’re talking about objections, not rejections. You can always work with objections, listen to the cares and concerns of the people you want to convince, and if you’re a good card player, play the network marketing game to win. Those who choose not to begin network marketing careers are typically avoiding being told no, which is a fundamental reality of sales, and fear of not being successful. Yet Jay says, “If I get a no, it doesn’t take away from who I am.”

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