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On the Cusp

Hey Everybody!

I wanted to share some interesting articles that I came across, talking about changes in our ever-changing society. Specifically, about how college educations are not relevant anymore and will continue to become more irrelevant, in the future. There is no doubt that certain careers need a college education, such as doctors, lawyers, CPAs, etc. When looking, though at some of the top Fortune 500 Companies, they are no longer requiring their employees to have a college degree. Google, Apple, and Instagram, for example, are all searching for those that are Influencers, and have done the DO. When you think about it, all information is at the touch of your fingertips.

I really find this amazing, but it goes back to the facts;

-Our society is changing the way that we do business.

-Our society is changing the way that we spend our dollars.

-Our society is forever changing because of technology.

We have seen one of the greatest strides in technology, probably in the last two or three years, and it will continue to grow even faster.

Here’s my thing;

We are on the Cusp…Again, going back to Network Marketing, 78 MILLION people are expected to start their own side hustle, within the next 5 years. You guys, it’s going to become increasingly prevalent. It’s just a way of doing business. It’s a store without walls, it’s simple, and a franchise in disguise. Duplicatable, low-investment costs, and simple to follow, and low-risk factors are what people are going to be looking at. Sharing a great opportunity in our segment is what I really am a proponent about. The fundamentals of this business are that you can invest as many hours as you want, but the possibility of growth is what is so amazing. It is about breaking down the barriers, of what we were perceiving or anticipating-it does not work anymore. A lot of things that people try to hold on so tightly today, were relevant during the Industrial Age.

What it comes down to, is asking, What does your future hold? What does it hold for your family? What does it hold for you? I truly am excited about this new chapter in business and industry. I always want to be that person in front of the change, and so should you!

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