Personal Growth

Hey Y’all, let’s talk personal growth.

This is so important to me and always has been. You guys know I love anything that will encourage challenge and grow me. So that I can encourage challenge and grow others.

I always say “Go to work twice as hard on yourself as you do on your business”.

Even as a leader, I know that I still need to work on myself. I get frustrated, I get angry, I take things personally and I make mistakes. BUT we ALL make mistakes…and that’s OK. The key is acknowledging when you do.

There is a certain humbleness and admitting that you made a mistake. It can be easy to brush-off when someone gets upset at something you said, whether you didn’t think it was wrong or you are chalking it up to perception. But it is most effective to be quick in admitting when you have made a mistake… apologize for it and learn from it.

Part of making mistakes is learning. I have made plenty of them in my past and I still make them today. It’s about learning from them. It’s all a learning process!!

In this business of Speaking, Coaching and Network Marketing, you are learning everyday. It doesn’t matter how many years experience you have. It doesn’t matter how much money you already are making. It matters that you work harder on YOURSELF than anything else.

When you do that, you become a better person and then it transcends!

Folks, that’s when you can help more people and be more for those who need you. And THAT’S what it’s all about!!

Today, Let’s humble ourselves and allow healing and growth to take over ????


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