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Pick your HARD

I just want to take a moment and talk about “Picking your Hard”. I see people self-sabotage continuously and it doesn’t do anything except hurt your business. Think about all the things you have done in your life? Was it hard? I would bet that most of it was.

Dating, marriage, finishing a degree, raising children. All very hard and challenging things…Did ya quit? No, you didn’t!! You stuck it out! Because experience tells us, we stick it out if we want it bad enough. If you really want it bad enough, YOU WILL FIND A WAY. If it isn’t truly worth it, you will find an excuse…period. So many times this business isn’t worth it to other people… that is why they find every excuse in the book when it comes to their success. Don’t work with those people. Hold them accountable and give them tough love. There is NO OTHER business that will pay you like Network Marketing. Can I get an AMEN!

Just like you could not stop feeding and providing for your children (can you say jail time??) You can stop feeding into and nurturing your business. Nurture your business with boundaries and saying NO. Say YES to the great things you and your team achieves. Say YES to all out massive action and recognition. Reward the income producing behaviors and reward the positivity. Who is/are your spirit leader(s) on your team? The ones cheering for others? Their downlines, their uplines, their sidelines? Attract people like that and BE a person like that!

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