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Potential of Prospecting, Bringing New People into your Pipeline

This is where you need to be spending 80% of your time. I stopped babysitting my team and coaching them. I’ve got to be honest with you. Coaching is a waste of time. They have to be out there in action, and if they’re local, bring them to events with you. Networking events,, I know I talk about this a lot, but I don’t know how else to pound this into people’s heads. Networking is where they need to be spending their time. A huge portion of growing a business is getting out there and meeting people. Here’s an example.

I belong to the Chamber of Commerce in Charleston, South Carolina. I moved down there and didn’t know a soul. I have been able to recruit MP’s and VIP customers, at least four or five dozen in the four years that I’ve lived here. I can’t always go to meetings because my travel schedule is pretty heavy. But, at the end of the day, I’m meeting people at the airport, at hotels, coffee shops, and waiters. I’m always prospecting. So, there’s a multitude of opportunities.

Another good place is the places that you frequent on occasion. I bring this up a lot when onboarding new MPs. Your doctor’s office, your gym, some kind of class that you’re taking, church, grocery store…etc. You have to be out there actively prospecting. I love what Kyla Williamson says, “Work your business on purpose.” That means that when you’re out, you’re out and about. I do not carry business cards. I friend people on social media ASAP. Then I send them a follow-up message because they’re more apt to look at your timelines to see what you do! Of course, with me, I’m particularly careful about how much I post about business on social media because it’s that 80/20 rule. 80% personal, 20% business.

USE YOUR VOICE! That’s so important. Stop sending messages via text, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Use the voice option instead because your voice will carry you a lot farther than your customers reading a message. I have found this to be crucial.

Learn How to Invite

You need to know how to talk to people, which is equally as important. Here are some points. 1. Meeting someone new? You’ve got five to seven seconds to win them over. Forget about the 30-second elevator pitch. Think of a really cool tagline and that’s what you use to hook them. So I still to this day use, “I get paid to wash my hair, y’all.” This is my casual tagline to use at a luncheon or more casual event. My formal tagline is “I help people create multiple streams of income just by changing what’s in their shower.”

2. Now, how do you talk to people? That in itself is so much different because you should always be the one asking them questions. I want to find out what kind of value I can provide them. Malcolm Gladwell talks about in The Tipping Point on connectors and I’m a natural connector. I want to connect with people. How can I help them? How can I serve them? That’s the first place that you need to think about. Remember that in your back pocket, you have a product and a business opportunity that can help everyone. Everyone isn’t going to want it, so you just have to find that need and fill it. Even from the perspective of a toxin-free hair care line, Monat has higher standards of what Canada says that you can have.

3. What are our key disruptors? When you are talking about your product, you need to tell people that we are the only product in the world with clinical trials, with approval from the World Congress of Dermatology. We are the only hair care line with proprietary blends multiple Stevie awards, and we are unparalleled. Show that you have a BELIEF IN YOUR PRODUCT! You have to have belief in your compensation plan, and you have to have belief in the company and in your people.

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