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Reclaim The Basics

Hello Everyone!

It’s a beautiful Friday morning and excited to share with you about what has been on my mind lately. As everyone knows, a couple weeks ago, I was in Canada for four days and did two huge pieces of training, which was amazing. And I was doing some reflecting over the last month, and I wanted to share something else I found while on that trip. I talked a lot with my mentors, with some of my leaders in Canada, and with my family, and what they struggle with. This realization I came to, was truly enlightening.

I’ve been in the company I’m with, Monat, since the very beginning. Four and a half years! I was with them before they even had a product ready to come out before any training materials were created! Truly ground floor. I went back to some of the leaders I started with then, and we got to talking…That time in my business was true ignorance on fire! I do not like using that ugly I word, either. We had a very rough script of what we were doing, no website,l no marketing materials. We created our own script and I did a free conference call every day, for thirty days, for my new team. I remember back then, sometimes we only had one person showing up, sometimes two, and sometimes ten. We were getting out there and we were sharing the business with potential market partners, EVERY DAY!

As I was talking to these amazing leaders a few weeks ago, I seriously feel that we’ve focused so much on the minutiae of this business, that we have really lost focus. What do you do when you’re in any business, and you’ve lost focus of the goal? You Reclaim the Basics. The thing is, is that I too have fallen into this trap. And, in Network Marketing, you have to know the basics! Even though social media, and being influencer is great for a network marketing business, or whatever you do…it’s a tool. That isn’t part of the basics. Trying to focus on growing your social media, as your primary business tool, you will lose a lot of money! And you’re trying to make money, right? Right.

You have to be focused on prospecting, putting new people in your pipeline, and doing socials. Also, it’s important to remember that every day you wake up, whatever company you’re in, this is your first day, brand new, looking for your first recruit! A lot of people I come across in this business, struggling, are always saying, “I don’t know anyone else,” “I’ve run out of people to talk to,” “I can only get customers, no one will sign up.” Listen. Pay attention to this next line very carefully. There are seven billion people on this planet. You come across people, every day that you don’t know. You haven’t put every person you know on your contact list! Here’s a tip; when you think you’ve run out of people to talk to, I want you to check and see how many contacts you have on your phone, how many friends you have on Facebook, and then tell me you don’t have anyone to talk to, about your business.

Secondly, if you can only get customers on board, and no one on your team, you’re leading with the product and not the business opportunity. Sure, yes you have to be passionate about the product that you’re selling, and the company you represent. Network Marketing, however, is a way for people to make money, by setting their own hours, and deciding how much they want to make. Knowing your compensation plan, and starting with that, when introducing the business to someone, will do wonders. Every single person, no matter how rich, no matter how poor, is always looking to make that extra dollar. Change your mindset to that, instead. Then, once you get a team member on board, On-Board them! Explain to them what needs to be done in the first thirty days of their business, to get momentum going. Remember that their business launch needs to be within the first week of signing up!

We, including myself, have to reclaim our focus, reclaim the basics, and stay on target! We need to stay on track of what we know builds people’s teams, and what builds people’s paychecks. Once you build your team’s paycheck, then yours continues to grow!

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