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Regroup, Recharge, Realign

Coming off a Leadership high from this weekend!!

This weekend we held a leadership event in Charleston. This is where we all come together to share our story share our solutions and share our journey. It’s a time to regroup, recharge, realign and learn. Leaders are always learning!

It’s no secret how much I love doing events and I love going to events. I love it because it’s time well spent…time to invest in yourself. Events inspire you and get you going.

I know this weekend was so fulfilling for ALL of us in some way. But you know I had to go on FB live and capture some of the takeaways from this weekend. I hadn’t been on facebook live all weekend, but when we finished up I made my rounds. I knew how much this event had fed me …So I knew it must have fed them too 🙂 I am so happy I did it because some really fantastic leaders had some really fantastic things to say!!

Here’s what they had to say:

“This weekend was amazing!! My biggest takeaway is looking at my Mindset- set goals, write them down and believe in yourself!! Believe in you…because you can do it!!” “Love this energy, love and support this company gives!!” “Hearing from your peers and knowing that they are going through what you are going through, can relate and support you… is priceless” “We all have the same goal here” “This event is invaluable to you and your business” “You leave these events stronger and empowered. Inspired and uplifted.” “Get to an event… make it happen!!” “So much inspiration and motivation here” “My brain is on fire!! For me, it was about Organization. I learned how to organize my team and balance that in my family life.” “We got some great Financial advice, which we don’t typically get and I really appreciated that” “If you misses you this event… don’t miss the next one!” “Can’t wait for Monations”

HA… I can’t wait for Monations either!! Events are imperative to your success. They fill your cup and inspire you to be a better you. No fluff here just real truth. I promise you won’t regret it…In fact, I guarantee it! I just love seeing how we are building our culture by lifting our teams. You can watch this FB Live HERE and see for yourself how great it was!

Bottom line… Leaders, do events this is where you build more and better leaders! Marketers, go to events this is where you become a better leader so you can help someone else!!

My cup runs over…

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