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Some of My Favorite Things!

Happy 4th Quarter Everyone!

I hope you’re excited as me to finally be at the end of the year. No, not because I love that the weather is changing or that I can’t wait to get to my New Year’s Resolutions…(I don’t believe in them, anyway.) I am excited because this is the most important part of the year for businesses, large or small! For contractors, retail, sales, etc. this is the time of year where people need things fixed at their house before the holidays, need good holiday gift ideas, or simply do the Holiday-y things! This is why every business is slammed in the last quarter of the year.

I work from home and am part of an MLM and even get so busy, I don’t have time to change my clothes for two days! True story. I’m the lady waving at her UPS driver in striped PJ bottoms, teal Ugg slippers, no bra, and a bathrobe that has been chewed up by my dog. And that’s okay!

Here is how I cope…I’m going to provide you with a list of tools/applications that I find crucial when rounding out a busy holiday season. These are all great whether you work from home or are on the go a lot! Use this inexpensive list to your advantage so you’re not wasting time trying to figure out how to be more efficient!


  1. Earbuds- I know everyone is on an Airpod bender, and I get it! They’re hip and aesthetic, but if you’re like me, you just go for Quality! I love the Palovue Lighting Headphones because they’re earbuds with a built-in mic! And, they already come ready to attach to my iPhone! And, guess what? They’re only $22.99!! Affordable and last forever!

Palovue Earbuds

  1. Tripod- These are a great tool to use for all things business! Wanna do a video demonstrating your products? Want to do a quick five-minute live video to motivate your team? Or do a conference call with your business partner? UBeesize is my favorite tripod I’ve ever used! It’s small, easily packable, and has a number of ways to use! Also…it’s $13.98!

Ubeesize Tripod

  1. Laptop- Duh! Guys, if you don’t have a good, reliable laptop at home that you use, then you need to get one! I know, they’re expensive, but it is an investment piece! I love my MacBook Air mainly because it’s easy to use and all of my texts, photos and everything from my phone is linked up to it!


  1. Zoom- This is my favorite application to use…Period! It’s great for team calls, one-on-one calls, connecting with long-distance prospects, and training! Plus, you can record them…I love this feature because then I can pull out important points or transcript it! Also, it’s inexpensive to upgrade if you need room for more people!

  2. MailChimp- This is a great resour5ce on how to keep track of your customers and contacts. I love it because you can organize your contacts into different groups. This is a great way to send out weekly newsletters and schedule them!

Personal Development

  1. Favorite Book- The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani is a great book that I always go back to! Lakhiani brings this cerebral piece to you about the power of mindset! I also love that he preaches about feeding your brain the right and most important info! The holidays are a great reminder of life being too short to sweat the small stuff and loving your family! Holidays can also be a time of huge stress. With extended family, business being busy, and trying to coordinate plans, it can feel like you don’t have time for anything. This is a great read for that time when you’re winding down before bed and remind yourself of this!

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

Podcasts- Ed Mylett and the Mindvalley Podcast are my two favorites right now! Like the book I mentioned above, it is crucial to feed your mind with good content and motivation, energizing, positive factors! It’s very easy to work a podcast into your day. I love listening to them when I’m sitting in the sauna in my local gym, or you can turn one on your way to work. These are great podcasts that get to the point from people who built their empires from the ground up! You can find these two on Spotify.


  1. Planner/Calendar- I love Brendan Burchard’s High-Performance Planner. I love this planner because it is so detailed! It provides High-Performance Habits, the day down to the hour, and a weekly review! Not only that but each day starts with a morning mindset & the evening part asks you things like, “What was something that I appreciated today?” This is great during the busy season because it helps keep your mind clear of the chaos!

Brendan Burchard Planner

2. ZVE Phone Case – Okay, I know…a phone case? Really? Just read on! This phone case has saved my life! Ever since I discovered this, it has been my lifeline. The great thing about this case is that when you’re running around making sure you have everything, it provides you a wallet! And, it’s not one of those big bulky phone case wallets. It’s very slender and I love it! Even if you forget one thing, you’re not forgetting the most important things you need…Your license and debit card!

ZVE Phone Case

  1. Insulated Wine Glass- Sometimes we just really need wine or beer! Right? We have those days where all we did was work and nothing goes right. It’s okay to enjoy a couple of glasses of something and relax. I find that those who own a business or run one, don’t have the availability or gift of relaxation. Having to always be on during the busiest time of the year takes its toll!

Corkcicle Wine Glass

I hope you find this list and my favorite things handy. I’m ready to rock the last several weeks of the year. Who is with me?

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