Stick with what you know WORKS

Stick with what you know WORKS!

Do bright shiny objects get you every time? We all can be drawn to the BIG, New and Flashy. I just recently had someone reach out to me to ask if she should buy into a Network Marketing training program and funneling system. She asked if I thought it was something she should do. My answer… Don’t waste your time and money!

Here are my concerns in regards to Monat. Other network marketers do not know our culture, know our story, or know our family. They are just trying to sell you a product. Often times they are with another company so they have a completely different reason for doing things.

That’s not to say that you won’t find a little value in it, you may. But at the end of the day, we are all talking about the same thing. Any network marketer will talk about the 7 steps and the 4 income-producing activities. But remember this, there is no magic elixir. Monat gives you everything you need to succeed!

Instead, work with your success line. Work with the people who you know are successful. These are the people who know what it takes and want to see you be successful too.

Bottom line, you are wasting your time and money investing in these other programs. Invest in what your leaders are doing. Things like you’re Super Saturdays, quarterly events, and corporate events.

You don’t have to go out of the box for answers. they are all right in front of you! If you haven’t already check out my FREE Ebook Dare to Succeed outlining how we here at Monat find success. It has GREAT value and there are no programs to buy into 🙂

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