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Stop The Spam!

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone reading has had a wonderful week so far! I wanted to write about a topic, that I see come up often. When people join a Network Marketing company or any company for that matter, they feel the need to spam everyone they know! I get it, you’re excited to start your own small business, earn your first check, and spread the word, but don’t send out a thousand, random messages to every friend on Facebook. You don’t want to live life, with everyone saying, “He/She is that kind of Network Marketer.” This is what gives MLM’s a bad rep! Let me teach you the right way to grow your business organically, and how to reach out to people you don’t know, on social media.

On a personal profile, personally, I don’t post when Monat is having a flash sale or special. At most, I will do that about once or twice a month. Everyone already knows I do Monat, it’s in my work description! Your personal profile is about you, and your life. Tell stories, do a live once or twice a week! Give a story of a before/after, personal success in your business, or tell your own story. As I said before, don’t send messages to people you don’t know, pitching them your business. This is a big No-No, on any social media profile. When I receive spam messages pitching a product or business to me, I respond with, “I appreciate your tenacity and passion, but you’re doing your business the wrong way. If you’d like to join myself, and the elite team I’m with, then I would love to show you how to do it the right way.”

When expecting a response back, don’t get your hopes up. One thing you can probably expect is that they get very defensive. This means that they are not open to learning. To help prevent these kinds of messages on your LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook pages, add in your description that you are not open to opportunities. They will be able to see your amount of friends, followers, and likes, and that is how you will be targeted. I once had a man message me saying, “You really need to check out the fastest growing direct sales company in the world!” I looked his company up, and they were nowhere near being number 1 on that list. You have to be very careful because most of the time, people aren’t being truthful. A great thing that I love to do is set up an autoresponder, and it helps to build relationships immediately. Also, check and see what their personality is about, and ask about them.

Yes, it takes longer to build a relationship and earn someone’s trust through social media. Yes, it takes longer to get that person to ask about you. In the long run, it’s better for your business to sign people up that you have gotten to know, rather than complete strangers. If there’s interest, give some information through a message, but ultimately get them on the phone. Sending too much information in a message is overwhelming and shuts people down. And, for someone to hear the passion in your voice is very important. You don’t want to make a reputation for your company, as spammy, or annoying. Don’t ever add anyone to a group, unless you ask their permission. If you’ve done the spammy thing in the past, reach out to them and write an apology! Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s important you admit it. One thing to never forget is the face-to-face interaction. Yes, social media is great for business, but it’s important for people to see the people they’re partnered with, in person. People will do business with you when they know, like, and trust you. They don’t want to do business with a phone screen forever! Like I said before, this is a relationship business.

All in all, social media is a fantastic use for growing your business if done correctly. Many people don’t know how to gear social media towards bringing people in, and some just scare them away. Remember, relationships are most important, in Network Marketing. If you don’t have the foundation, you’ll never build the house. Stop the spam, and do the do!

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