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Strategies to Get (and Stay) Inspired

I wanted to talk about the idea of joy and staying inspired. These are both intrinsic values. If

somebody is taking away your joy or inspiration, then they are taking away your power…DON’T HANG OUT WITH THEM!

Even if you’re thinking that negative people are the only ones that have bad days, you’re wrong! Even the most positive people get the feeling of ‘down in the dumps.’ The most positive people are challenged all the time, they just know how to overcome and persevere.

Here are some things that I do when I am feeling challenged:

● Over the course of over twenty years of being in this industry, I have saved every single

card, message, and e-mails that I have put in a folder. Going back to look at the sweet,

and positive things that my loved ones, friends, and business partners, have written to me, truly lift my spirits.

They inspire me and give me joy…Double Whammy!

● I am usually juggling about three or four books at a time that I will currently be reading.

And, let me tell you, they are all personal development books. It’s amazing the benefits

that training your mind to be positive will do for you, and it helps yourself to grow, as well

as in your business. Even if your idea of personal development is reading from the great

book, then that is great!

● Every day, when you wake up, you should be setting your intentions for the day. You

should be writing down your mantras or your affirmations down every morning. It’s great

to make it the first thing you wake up to, being a list of three to five things that inspire you and

keep you going. Having affirmations also helps keep in the back of your head, the

person you want to be that whole day forward.

You have to listen to yourself and know what inspires you, and what makes your soul happy.

Remember that having inspiration and feeling joy has to come from within you, and you must

have your mind set on “why”.

What is your “why”

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