The Personal Invitation

How do I invite others to events?

This topic comes up quite a bit when I am talking with people. I hear a lot of this… “I invite so many people but I can’t get them to show up to my events.” You can invite 200 people and have no one show up. Most of the time it’s in the way you’re asking them.

If you’re in an area where you’re just starting to build your business then just keep it small and have it in a coffee shop or somewhere else small with just a few people. When I started out in Chicago we only had a handful of people. When I move down to Charleston we only had 3 people at our first meeting. Two years later we are up to 50 to 60 people at the meetings…which of course I think should be higher:) What I have discovered is this, There is power in the PERSONAL Invite.

Inviting a bunch of people on an Evite or on facebook event is NOT personal. Instead, invite your guests personally and then add them to an Evite or a Facebook event to serve as a reminder. I don’t even look at facebook event invite if I haven’t been asked or invited personally first.

People need to feel special, so talk personally to people. Tell them you’re excited for them to be your special guest and you would love to buy them a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Tell them when and where and ask if you can count on them. It’s important to assure them you are not trying to sell them something. What you’re doing is sharing a great product and a great opportunity… no pressure on their part. You are just the educator, they are making the decision.

A lot of people ask “Can I email if I can’t get someone on the phone or in person?” Of course, you can! Text, Email or Facebook message BUT do it personally to Them…not in a group text or email or group FB message. Always make it personal!

It’s all about showing your excitement about what you have to offer them and creating the value for them. I love to use emojis in my personal invites by text message. I love how they can show my excitement. Keep your invites short sweet and to the point. Get them excited about the event. I always get my guest excited to come by promising them some good samples. It’s worth it to share samples. The products speak for themselves AND if they show up and like the product, they’re even closer to a yes. Did you know 70% of people who show up to an event give you a YES. That’s awesome!

Between the product and the business, you have something of value to offer them, but you have to look at what’s in it for them too. Get to know your guests. It’s NOT about you it’s about THEM…people helping people. No one wants a pushy salesperson… remember that.

Always be genuine and Always keep it Personal!

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