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When you decide to work for a network marketing company, you want to know about the quality of the products, and how the prices compare to other companies. While Monat is proud of our quality, you’ll also want to learn how working for Monat compares to working for other network marketing companies.

One of the biggest differences is people like me, Toni Vanschoyck, and how I can inspire you to keep striving and do just as well, if not better than me.

Compensation: Monetary and Personal

One of the most important things you gain from working for a network marketing company like Monat is what you earn, not just in money, but in fulfillment and time as well.

In any great network marketing company, you can work and earn on your schedule, giving you more time for yourself.

There are perks and advantages at Monat that…well, you really can’t compare to any other network marketing company because they are wholly unique to us. Has there been anywhere else in the world where all it costs to be a VIP a one-time fee of $19.99? How many jobs have paid you $20 every time you refer a friend? With Monat, you can build a great network to sell not only their products, but the OPPORTUNITY too! Plus, you will have a great time doing so with a group of friends.

Those are just the basics, and you can read all about our pricing and plans at our website. Once you check us out, it shouldn’t be hard to pick the right plan that will work for you. But besides the potential to earn that will give you the free time you want, again, you want to know what else works for Monat can do for you, and how it can fulfill more than your pocketbook.

Monat and Mentorship

One of the great things about network marketing is how you can work together with people. As you build your network, it makes the team and your sales stronger. It can be great fun to work together, make money, and keep putting Monat products out into the world.

As you’ve seen with us before, we’ve done charity work, and are currently building a church and children’s center in Ecuador. This is another way that working for Monat is even better than the money you’ll make. It’s the fulfillment you get when you know you’re doing something good.

Wonderful Benefits In Many Ways

Working for Monat has been an incredible thing for me. I love working for the company, but it’s not just being successful that makes me happy. Success isn’t always measured in money. While I’ve done very well for myself, I love the fact that Monat is doing good for the world, and that we have great deals that easily beat our network marketing competitors in so many ways.

When you look to join a network marketing company, look around and see what others are doing good for the world. See which ones are this much fun to work with, or that provide great mentoring experiences as we do. Trust me on this, it’s hard to find a company that can give so much back to you as Monat can.

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