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This is Unbelievable

Monat just posted their commissions for December and all I can say is…WOW. I cannot believe what this company is doing for people. I know you hear it all the time, but I am so honored to have the opportunity to introduce something I TRULY LOVE. This company has done so much for me and my family and so many more. We have been able to touch and blessed so many lives.

Last month was a record-breaking month for us. When I saw what people made this month, I had to break down. That’s what kind of an impact this company has had. I talked to so many people who were out of their minds with excitement… crying, jumping, dancing… This is changing lives! We are doing this folk…and it’s so exciting!! This is all the more reason to share it.

Because of this business, people are able to provide a Christmas for their families like never before. Because of this business, we are volunteering and giving back to charity and our communities. Because of this business, we can share with other people.

THE TIME IS NOW!! If I could only explain what has happened over the last two years and what has happened in November. November was a critical month for us and it delivered big-time. We are touching so many people’s lives. We are giving them new cars, they are able to pay their electric bills and save for college or retirement. We are able to do so much!!!

I just can’t hide it, the amount of personal satisfaction that I have had is overwhelming. There is a tremendous amount of joy, happiness, and honor in serving other people. All of these blessings are almost too much to handle, but we have so many more people to help….We have so many more people to serve… We have so many more people to give this GIFT of opportunity to.

So, I’m going to ask you… What are you waiting for? Don’t wait anymore!! We want to share the MONAT blessings with you.


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