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Using Your Business as a Ministry!

Gratitude is extremely important for the heart, soul, and mind! I want to share with you how practicing this will improve your life and the karma effect it brings! In a Network Marketing business or a brick and mortar, doing charity events/picking a charity is a great way to connect with your team and to team build! You come together as a community, fighting for the same thing! This helps to build relationships, build compassion, and builds your business!

We were so captivated and touched by the Compassion Intl. project that was organized by Monat’s own Jessica Schone, a couple of months ago. And, through a string of different events and people, we have been more grateful than ever! We will be able to, as a community along with the 4 centers that will be built, we can sponsor 600 kids in Colombia! That is crazy amazing! We will be able to go down there and bring the kids with us in the spring ourselves. This was a project that snowballed because of passion! This is just what Monat has instilled in its leaders from the beginning, though, as part of its corporate DNA that we’re always wanting to give back to the community. It makes my heart so happy and that is what the holidays are about!

It only takes one person to start something like this, a ripple effect. During this season though it shouldn’t be about something big. It should be about how you can help someone else and that ripple effect personally!

How Can I Incorporate Gratitude this Holiday Season?

1. Host a holiday party and pick 1 organization for that. This means a requirement of everyone coming is that they must bring an item ideal to that non-profit or donate online!

2. Go to the dollar store and put together some “Winter Baskets,’ for the homeless and either drop them off at a shelter or hand them out in a safe area!

3. Pick your favorite rescue shelter and offer to cover 1, 2, 3, (however many) adoption fees! Or donate a couple of things from their needed list. This one hits home since I have a beautiful rescue myself!

*Our rescue pup, Lulu!

4. Do you have a local orphanage? Many will have a sponsorship program during Christmas, where you choose to sponsor however many children and get the things on their list for gifts! I did this one year and cried during the whole process because no child should be empty on Christmas.

5. VOLUNTEER, such a cheap way to donate!

6. Even just doing something small that you know someone needs is huge! Follow your heart.

The goal is to get out there and do something! Whether it’s to pay for the coffee for the guy behind you, whether it’s to buy lunch for the military personnel in line in front of you, or, first responders…It doesn’t matter! Do something! The greatest gift that you can give anyone or receive is time and effort. When we started our nonprofit organization last year, Lowcountry Love, we saw firsthand the power of time, and you don’t know what your little bit of that ripple can do to the ocean, or what you can do until you try.

This is not just charity based, it’s life-based, it’s business-based, it’s everything! in our company, we have a company with a servant’s heart and that’s one of the reasons why we’ve created twenty-five Million Dollar Income Club Earners in the first five years of the company. It’s because you can’t make money unless you help others make money. And that’s that gift of time. And we all recognize the power of effort and whether you’re building a mission in Columbia or whether you’re helping the kid with their homework down the street, to those people, you are a gift.

There are so many people out there that could use your time. There are so many people in your life right now that would benefit from just a little bit of effort and a little bit of time, and that’s where the love comes from. I mean, there’s no mystery to life, right? It’s all about love and that’s what it’s all about is giving it back. We are so blessed to have had the business and the lives that we’ve led because it gives back so much to be able to pay it forward. Maybe there’s something tomorrow that you can do to push somebody else along. Maybe there’s somebody that you see that could use a little bit of help. Not money, help & time.

Think about that tomorrow. Think about your weekend. Think about ways that you can give back to your community this weekend. Think about ways that you can give back to your kid’s school or their friends or some, I bet y’all know somebody that would love a little bit of your time. Live your life as a ministry. It’s because you can’t build relationships and you can’t build a business and you can’t build friendships and you can’t build a charity and you can’t build networks, you can’t build love without TIME.

My family and I have given back so much and we always will because that’s our love language! We don’t always talk about it because it doesn’t matter if everyone knows that. What matters is the people that you directly effect…Because those will be the people that show up to your funeral! This holiday season, I encourage you to go out there and give back. Be humble. Stay good. Because the rewards are amazing!

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