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Welcome to the Healthy Skin Revolution!

Hello Beautiful People!

I have so much excitement, goodness, and passion running through my veins right now! And, I want to share this goodness with you! This past weekend was Monations, Monat’s annual convention….and let me tell you the best yet! There were announcements, new products, new systems out in place and so much passionate emotion! The best of all of this…loving on people, helping them, and the immediate momentum of announcements. Let me share!

My biggest accomplishment so far…I was honored to speak in front of 8,500 people at this convention. I did, I shared and nailed it! I spoke about what I know best, and also the best you can do when speaking. I felt every single person’s energy and lit up when I knew that I was filling their cups. I’m not just saying this…I come from a very humble heart and what I felt!

We launched NEW products— Revolutionary Skincare! We are the #1 Premium Haircare Company in the WORLD and you’re probably wondering why we came out with skincare when there are thousands!

  1. We have a team of heavily accomplished scientists exclusive to Monat. Jamie Ross and Alan Myers are the heads of our scientific board and have dedicated themselves to creating products that are natural and that WORK!

  2. We have clinical trials and every ingredient is found in nature. Here is a list of some of the most important ingredients.

  3. Plant Stem Cells- regenerating cells derived from Moss! So simple, because moss has been on Earth since the beginning!

  4. Kakadu Plum- a fruit found in Australia containing more Vitamin C than an orange!

  5. Hyaluronic Acid- We have a haircare system centered around this ingredient. It holds more than 1000 times its molecular weight in the water… INSANE!

  6. Rejuvenique S- Our main ingredient in everything…our liquid gold! 17 botanical oils and extracts with a patented oil extracted from oils and jojoba seeds.

  1. We WILL disrupt the skincare industry! We already have done 4 million dollars in this new product in 36 hours! That truly is unheard of. No one can touch us!

The last and final announcement: We are opening Ireland and Poland in February 2020! This is huge. We are globally expanding which proves our true success and we are only five years old! Who wants in on the next multibillion-dollar company?!

“The best time to join a company is in the midst of global expansion and when new products launch.”


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