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Welcoming New Partners!

Hi Everyone!

Time for a great Work Wednesday! I wanted to share some tips with you all about recruitment. This isn’t about how to recruit, but what to do when you recruit. This is a season where you see some of the highest volumes of people joining your business, with so many deals offered. Many of us don’t know where to start when building a team and it’s important to prepare them for the building of an empire! I’ll share some bullet points that instantly came to mind for you to use at your own advantage! This can be used in all MLM’s, not just Monat.



Get a list of initial names, their Dream Team that they wish to work with. This is how to achieve their physical lines, local. Then for their long-distance contacts, Zoom is a great tool to use for an online launch! These dates need to be ironclad secure! When you have a brand new Market Partner, you need to speak with them as soon as they sign up. To walk them through their back office, where to look for orders and numbers and how to place an order.

My whole goal during their first week in the business is to get that first check to them, whether it’s $5 or it’s $500. So if you’re doing these behaviors and starting the three-way calls with that list and, and doing the zooms with them to help them get acclimated. The best thing about Monat’s comp plan is you get paid every week. That first paycheck creates self-confidence, belief, and a sense of accomplishment. It is a tangible item!



What are you saying to those new people that’s turning them off? You may have to tweak something because you’re saying too much or you’re not saying enough. Usually, from what I’ve seen, you’re vomiting too much info! That’s why it’s important to not creat scripts, but a notecard in your head of specific points to be made, whether in person or through a voice text! It takes on average about 10 NO’s to get to a YES! That’s why it’s important to keep them on social media so they can see what business has brought you and to always let them know when there’s a flash sale. Never stop coming to them unless they tell you to leave them alone. (That doesn’t mean stalk them!)



I host a local event once a month for prospects and new/current Market Partners. It’s a great way so that they can see how to run their own small event. Also, adding them to a couple of Facebook groups, say, for your team group and then a new joiners group is extremely beneficial! That doesn’t mean that they need to be a part of 10 groups, they will get overwhelmed. Just be sure that they are a part of communication groups that are getting the correct information and where the can attend events. This is about giving them the tools that they need to get them off to a strong start. Since the first month is crucial in any business, I always do weekly check-in calls with them. Follow up with them.


Helping Them Build Their Team:

Sit down with your new runner and draw out the gameplan, whether local or over Zoom. What does MMB/their first rank-up look like? If their launch is scheduled within the first week, they already have a pretty good chance of 90% of the time of getting them to MMB in their first 30 days. That’s the goal. I also don’t play with excuses anymore. If YOU want to make money at this, then this is what YOU have to do. If they’re not invested, then your time is wasted and so is theirs. You can’t invest in someone’s business more than them!

This is a serious business. You have the opportunity to make serious money and change some serious lives and give people confidence when they look in the mirror. That’s not going to change. You have to communicate to them that you’re serious about this business and what you’re expectations are for them. A lot of people say, “Well, I’ll give it a try and dip my toe in the water.” No, they have to be all in, because of this a real business.

Keep kicking butt this holiday season and I can’t wait to see how much more success we all will have! Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

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