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What drives your Success?

Last week we talked about how your Intention leads to your Success. This week I wanted to continue that conversation. Let me start by saying, (As I have many times before) Part of success is keeping your focus and your eye on the end result. Success is 100% based on YOUR intention. What do you intend for yourself? What is it that you want more than anything else for you and your family?

Successful people Set Goals and they Write it Down, no matter how insignificant…

You and you alone have to believe in yourself, believe that you can do it and you will succeed. It is a bit scary, but once you commit to getting into action, that fear dissipates and goes away. And seriously what do we have to be afraid of? The word NO? Why do we give it so much power? No matter if it is a lifestyle choice or business. You have the power to overcome and be all that you can be.

No is just a word. It means, “no not right now,” “ no I need more information”, “no I am not interested, but I might know of someone that might be”. People want to help other people to succeed…just ask.

Do you ever get around a person and feel like they drain you or you just don’t want to be around them?

It is their negative energy they are radiating. And then you have those people that you want to be around all of the time. They are always happy, always helpful and that is what we need more of. People coming from true graciousness. Attitude is Gratitude. Wonder why you always hear that? Because it works and it is true…Get on the bus!!

Unlimited potential and happiness await you. When you shift your thoughts and come from a place of gratitude, everything will shift in your life. Are you willing to do what it takes?

Success may not happen overnight or next week… but if you keep working towards your goal, over time you will see things shift. It always does whether you believe it or not. You get what you put in. That age-old word Karma says it all…if you are thinking negative, negativity appears in your life. Your energy is very very powerful. It can hurt or help you. That is why it is so important to feed your mind with positive thoughts, books, programs, coaching, people and more.

Your Success Awaits!!

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