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What is your Love Language

What is your Love language?

I was thinking about how to truly embrace people the other day when I recalled the book ‘The 5 Languages of love’. The book is by author Dr. Gary Chapman and it goes into an in-depth study on your own love language as well as recognizing someone else’s.

There are 5:

  • Receiving gifts

  • Quality time

  • Words of affirmation

  • Acts of service

  • Physical touch

It got me thinking about how I didn’t even realize what my true love language was. My love language is Giving. Which is fitting, especially in this industry, because to be a leader in your industry you need to be good at giving. Giving your time, your services, your knowledge, and your space. You also need to recognize your team’s love languages. Some people really thrive and flourish on words of affirmation, so recognition is really important to them. It can be a fuel that keeps them going.

You can give somebody something… whether it is, gifts, words time, service or touch…but if it’s not there love language I don’t think I’ll treasure it as much. For me, people giving me their time is really huge!! Time cannot be replaced and it is so valuable…so when someone spends time with me and on me, I really respect that.

It was so funny when I read this book I was able to identify exactly who in my life had which love language, however, I wouldn’t have thought of it had I not read the book. It really helped me to really align myself with people and just really understand them and myself. For example, I am not good at receiving. I would much rather give people gifts!! BUT you don’t want to take away someone else’s joy if giving is their love language. Even though I’m not a good receiver, I still want to receive and recognize the gift…are you seeing how this works?

Bottom line, it is really beneficial to you and your business to know what YOUR language is and the people around you. Your family, your friends, your business partners, your leaders AND your customers.

Those are my thoughts for the week 🙂 If you have not read that book, you can get it here The 5 Languages of Love

It’s so so good!!

Have a great safe beautiful and sunny weekend!!!

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