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What makes you… YOU?

Often times in network marketing people Brand the company or product without thinking about branding themselves. So why is it so important to Brand yourself?? Great question…let’s discuss.

You are the one that creates the experience. You are the one people are buying from. In this industry and in this day and age you have to align yourself with a great company and a great product. At the end of the day, people buy from people that they Know, Like and Trust. Don’t ever forget this. Provide the best customer service, the best experience….PERIOD.

Many representatives of companies send thank you cards for purchases, a follow-up phone call to see how they are liking what they purchased. Also if you don’t have a referral program…Create One! That way you can offer this to all of your customers. Let them know you care. Many people ask for milestone information so that they can send them a birthday card or a small gift. The power is in the personal touch. What is your Personal Touch?

Also remember even if you haven’t been in the industry very long or you are with a new company, YOU are the expert. You know more than the people who you are talking to. Don’t be afraid because if you don’t know the answer, you can find the answer. Learn as you Earn and Earn as you Learn.

Treat your business like you invested a million dollars in it. Then that will be the ROI (return on investment) you will receive. People will take you seriously when you treat your business like a business not hobby.

Also, have fun! People are attracted to passionate, humorous, excited people and let’s face it we need more of that in our lives. I say it all the time… positivity and happiness equal bigger paydays. It is a proven fact. So what are you grateful or happy about in your life and business? Go out and share this wonderful vehicle you have to save people from their dreary jobs, bankruptcy or foreclosure. Let’s face it EVERYONE and I mean everyone is looking for more money.

What qualities do you have that stand out? Is it your willingness to help others? Is it time management? Are you a visionary? A taskmaster? A speaker? Focus on what you are really good at and hone that skill. Surround yourself with people who are better than you. If you make a mistake…and we all do… apologize be genuine and move on! Leaders are willing to take risks…calculated ones.

Don’t live inside a box, a cubicle for the rest of your life, get out there and experience greatness. Experience success you deserve!

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