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When You Hit a Dip

I wanted to talk a bit today about something I had come across about challenges, dips, opportunities, and valleys. It was about things you do when you are plateauing in your business or even life. It is something that is no different than a dietary regimen, working your business, or going to school, whatever the case may be. But, guess what? That’s life! That’s business! And sometimes crap just happens!

Here’s the thing; professionals are the ones that power through it and they are working through those dips and valleys when they are presented. I’ve really been inspired by Rachel Hollis’ book, Girl Wash Your Face….it’s SO FUNNY. And, I really feel like I could have written the whole thing when my kids were a lot younger when I first started my business and my crazy schedule. The great thing is though if you’re going to give up and quit when life throws you curveballs, or when anything may happen…you are being a coward.

Honestly, the way that we get through life, and the way we get through tough situations is to just embrace it, and acknowledge that that bump is there. One of the awesome things that Rachel Hollis mentions in her book is that “You do not give anybody permission or power to take away your dream.” I am not going to give a single person permission to do that. Just remember, when the chips are down, and you feel that you’re failing, that’s what makes us successful! You have to be willing to be all in and to make the effort!

110 percent!


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