You Create Your Own Journey

I want to talk to you today about Your Own Journey. Notice I said “Your Own” journey….

One of the things I notice most in this business is a negative mindset or the wrong mindset. I notice that people are constantly looking at other people’s success and being weighed down by it. They are immediately thinking “what am I doing wrong”, “I can’t do this”, “why isn’t that happening to me”….. Guys, your journey is your own…make the best out of it!

You create your own journey…don’t compare yours to anyone else’s.

Here what I have observed:

You are not focusing on your own personal business. You are watching these people on social media or where ever, and it makes you feel deflated. If this is you, Stop following them…maybe even get off social media…and start working your own personal business.

When you are focused on what other people are doing and their success, then you don’t have a big enough WHY! You are not putting the time and effort into your own business for your own success.

Everybody’s situation is different: Age, Involvement, Support system, Availability, How many events they do. Everyone’s situation is different. You can’t base your success on what other people do.

You may work full-time, you may have family demands or other life circumstances that prevent you from devoting the same amount of time as others can.

BUT good news, You CAN and WILL succeed in this business!! You don’t have to recreate the wheel.

  • Go back to your contact list

  • Revisit it your WHY

  • Follow the Income Producing Activities

You got this!!! Comparison is the thief of joy…focus on YOU!

Work smarter ????

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